More Renos in the Works

Hi folks, it's been a while.  I seem to go full steam ahead on my blog here and then disappear for a while.  We are in to a new year, 2015 was a busy one for us with a lot of family stuff going on i.e new grand child, wedding (ours) new business, new work etc.  Now that all that is over we are getting back to working on our house projects (believe me there are many).

We have started on our front entrance, mudroom and powder room, which is in need of an a major update.  Here are a few pictures of the before just before we started ripping out the floor tiles.  As you can see in the photos below each area had a different flooring.  We are having new tile put in that will flow into each room so there is some uniformity throughout the entrance.

Front Entrance

Mud Room


Powder room.

All three areas in one.
As you can see from the photos each room had different flooring.  It made the place feel chopped up.  We removed all the fixtures in the powder room and will replace with something more modern.  For the mudroom, our inspiration is coming from a photo we found on the Houzz site 

Mudroom Inspiration Houzz

Love the Glam

I just recently did a little garage sale shopping and came across this lovely large vintage bamboo tray.

I knew I was going to re-paint it but just wasn't sure what color.  It sat in the garage for a few weeks until I had some spare time and some bright ideas of what and where I wanted it to go and to look like.  At first I was going to paint it white but thought it would be a little blah and I wouldn't be happy with it.  So I got out my good old trusty gold spray paint and got to it.  

I spread out the newspaper in the garage and got to it.  This Rust-Oleum Metallic paint is amazing, I put the first coat and I swear after 5 minutes it was dry and ready for the second coat.  

I was so happy with the gold and I knew exactly where I was going to put it.  It was a lovely addition to the living room where there is already touches of gold throughout.  It sits perfectly on the coffee table. I could go crazy with this spray paint!

It ended up being a perfect spot to place my bucket of handmade crepe paper flowers (that's a future post)!


Since I've retired I've had the wonderful opportunity to spend my time creating things, nothing in particular just whatever tickles my fancy.  But I've noticed is that I jump from one thing to another when it comes to my creativity and craft.  One minute I'm making coffee filter flowers, the next is sewing, then painting and then back to flowers and so on.  I find I tend to get hooked on something and then I'm obsessed with it until I tire of it and need to find something else.  

One thing that I spent a lot of time on last winter was making pouf's.  What is a pouf you ask?  In the Cambridge Dictionaries the meaning is "a soft round or square seat with no back or sides, used for sitting or resting your feet on".  

I made these cute and comfortable pouf's for my family room.  Our family room is not all that large and an awkward space for furniture.  So I decided to make these two pouf's for extra seating when company comes over.  They've come in quite handy in the past and when not using them I pile them in a corner.  I've even used them on occasion to sit by the coffee table and have an intimate dinner by the fire while watching a good movie. 

Other pouf's I've made are for toddlers.  I have sold many of these cuties and they are quite popular with new mothers for their child's room or playroom.

This little sweetie really loves her pouf and I was privileged to received these beautiful photographs from her mom on how much she enjoys playing and sitting on her pouf!  How cute is that!!

Almost Complete

It's been a busy week as my husband finally got the energy and urge to finish a big part of our kitchen that we have been talking about for a while.  In a previous post, I talk about the kitchen Island and the changes we made to the existing Island.  Well this next step was to add on to the existing cupboards and add some extra lighting.  The cupboards are not functioning cupboards for storage, rather just there for the look and lighting.  We frosted the glass and added strip light that we purchased from Lee Valley tools.  

In the picture below you can see the outdated cupboards and how there was a lot of wasted space above. We painted the cabinets well over a year ago, added on to the existing Island.  We converted the stove to natural gas, changed the appliances to stainless steel, and added new lighting and flooring.  We had planned to add extra cabinets above for a long time but things just kept getting in the way and also the motivation to start the job put it off for a while.  So we (or should I say my husband) finally got at it this past week and within a few days the addition was done.  We still have a few final finishes to do, then we will install pot lights and have the ceiling painted and ta da!!  The kitchen will be done.

Here is a photo of the final look and I am so happy with how it looks.  When we turn on the lights you can almost here music humming in the background.  The kitchen has gone from a boring and ugly room to a bright, well light modern kitchen.

Wedding Flowers

Hi everyone!  It's been a while since I posted here.  As some of you might know I just recently got married and have been so busy with my DIY projects for the wedding that I really had no time to dedicate to my blog.  But, I'm back and ready to show you some projects that I did these past few months.

Photo Credit Carley Teresa Photography

When planning my wedding, I wanted to add personal touches to the decor. At the beginning stages I wasn't sure what style or theme I wanted for this wedding,  it was only when we found our venue The Metropolitan Brasserie that I knew that that the theme would be "elegant with a vintage flair".  The restaurant decor and style makes you feel like you are in an old Parisian restaurant in Paris and I wanted to capture that at our wedding.

I had decided from the start that I wanted to make my own flowers for the wedding being my bouquet's, boutonnieres and centerpieces.  Following are some samples of the decorations I made, all the flowers you see here were made out of coffee filters.

As you can see from the picture below I made MANY (22 to be exact) of these aisle decorations and it took me MANY hours to make but I loved how they turned out.
Photo credit Carley Teresa Photography
 This wreath was also made from coffee filter flowers.  I was so happy with how the colors turned out they are so beautiful and soft!

Below were the centerpieces I made.  I purchased dollar store vases, spray painted the inside of the glass and added glitter to the top to add some sparkle.  Loved how they turned out.  I also cut the hearts with my new cricut machine out of card stock, then added the glitter.

Photo credit Carley Teresa Photography

I also made the glitter candle holders.  I just purchased a lot of simple drinking glasses from the dollar store, taped off the glass and added the glitter, they sparkled the night of the wedding.

Below are some topiaries (again all made with coffee filters) that I made to be placed in front of the backdrop (my husband made) good job Rowan!  

It was a lot of hard work but well worth it and cost little to nothing but my time.

Photo credit Carley Teresa Photography

Photo credit Carley Teresa Photography

I was so happy how everything turned out.  I will follow up with another post with a little more detail on how I made the flowers later......stay tuned!

Beautiful Handmade Flowers

I am getting married next spring and I'm determined to do most of the decorations for the wedding myself.  I came across this tutorial compliments of EmmaLee Elizabeth Designs.  It didn't look too complicated and I was so impressed by how beautiful and real they looked, so I decided I was going to give it a try. You can get all the instructions on her website.  The template for the petals you can get here compliments of Martha Stewart.

I proceed to cut out loads of petals and started putting them together.  They are a little hard to put together at the beginning but once you get the hang of it, you can make quite a few in a short period of time. Once you have put them together, painted them and let them dry, they are gorgeous and the nice thing is they last forever. Below are samples of how mine turned out.  I love them and have plans to make a whole lot more....



My New Coffee Table

It's been a while since I've posted here.  It was a busy summer this year, we did some Reno's around the house, had a wedding in the family, did some travelling and I retired!!!  Yes that's true, I'm retired and have lots of time on my hands yet busier than I've ever been....

But summer is over and fall is here and that means less time outdoors and more time indoors.  I recently brought up to my hubby that we need a new coffee table.  Every time I mention purchasing a new piece of furniture, i.e. a table, end tables, shelving unit etc, he says "oh I could make that".  So I challenged him to this and asked if he would make me a coffee table as we were using an ottoman as our coffee table.  So down to the workshop he went and I am happy to say he constructed a beautiful coffee table for us.  It was a joint effort project however as he did the construction but the painting and staining was left to me.

He started off by measuring and cutting all the boards all the boards.  He used ceramic tile spacers in between each board to ensure that each board was spaced the same.

Once the table was constructed it was my turn to start the painting and staining.

I wanted the table to have that industrial look where the base looked like steel and the top rustic.  So I started off with painting the base in flat black.  I also wanted the tope to have that worn and weather wood look so I hammered and banged the wood up to give it that beaten and worn look.  The I then proceeded to stained the boards first with a stain I made with steel wool and apple cider vinegar. 

Once the boards were stained and dry, I applied another stain that I had mixed at the hardware store called "Driftwood" which was very grey in colour.  I wasn't sure if it was going to turn out the way I had envisioned but what the heck give it a try.  Well I was happy to see that once the driftwood stain dried the darker stain was peaking through.

I was so happy and pleased at how it all turned out.  Here it is in all it's glory in our family room.  Next on to the end tables.....stay tuned!